Sat, Feb 09, 2013 - Page 2

A : There’s always a huge flux of people switching jobs after the Lunar New Year.

B : Yeah, people wait until they receive their year-end bonuses to leave and the number of job openings also increases after the Lunar New Year.

A : Are you planning to switch jobs?

B : No, I like my job. It’ll be really hard to find something better too.

A : 每年年後都會出現轉職潮。

B : 是啊,想跳槽的員工會領完年終再走,而且企業在年後釋出的工作機會較多。

A : 你有打算換工作嗎?

B : 不,我喜歡現在的工作,要找到比它更好的並不容易。