Fri, Feb 08, 2013 - Page 2

A : Casey, we’ll be going to Taichung next week on business. Have you made hotel reservations yet?

B : I will as soon as I confirm exactly when we’ll be visiting the clients.

A : You’d better make sure as soon as possible. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.

B : I know. I went ahead and booked a room at a motel yesterday just in case.

A : 凱西,我們下個禮拜要到台中出差,你訂好房了嗎?

B : 確認客戶拜訪時間之後我就會訂。

A : 你最好趕快確認,明天就是除夕了。

B : 我知道,昨天已預先請旅館保留房間了。