Bangladesh court reunites lovesick parrot with her prince 孟加拉法院讓相思病鸚鵡「公主」與「王子」團圓

Fri, Feb 08, 2013 - Page 10

A Bangladeshi court ruled on Jan. 7 that a lovesick macaw parrot be reunited with her male partner after she stopped eating in the wake of their separation.

The macaw named Princess had been fasting since Jan. 3 when her long-time companion Prince was handed back to his owner Iqram Selim, who had left him in the hands of a private zoo in the capital Dhaka for safe keeping five years ago.

A magistrates court in Dhaka ruled that Princess should stay with Selim, saying it would be cruel to separate her from her mate after such a long period and could lead to her death.

The zoo owner, Abdul Wadud, bought Princess from a dealer in Brazil as a partner for Prince and the couple got on so well that she gave birth to three chicks in September, 2011.

After Wadud refused to return Prince, Selim won a court order and was reunited with his gold and blue parrot.

After Princess went on hunger strike, however, Wadud decided to appeal the order and the court ruled on Jan. 7 in his favor.

Wildlife experts said that Princess’s refusal to take food following the separation was quite normal as the species is generally monogamous once they have found a suitable mate.