Thai hotel brews up coffee from elephant dung 泰國酒店從象糞中煮出咖啡

Fri, Feb 08, 2013 - Page 11

For those who like their coffee with a strong nose, Thailand could be the ideal destination, after a blend made from elephant dung was put on sale by an upmarket hotel chain.

The Black Ivory blend, made from coffee beans digested and excreted by Thai elephants, is billed as producing a particularly smooth cup.

It is not cheap, though, with Anantara Hotels saying the “naturally refined” coffee costs a staggering US$1,100 per kilogram — making it one of the most expensive blends in the world.

“Research indicates that during digestion, the enzymes of the elephant break down coffee protein,” the Thai-based hotel group said in a statement.

(Liberty Times)