Thu, Feb 07, 2013 - Page 2

A : According to your presentation, next month’s marketing event amounts to NT$500,000. Have you done the cost-benefit analysis yet?

B : It will be a huge expo with more than a million expected visitors, so product discounts could significantly help increase sales.

A : People probably aren’t that willing to spend money given the economic downturn.

B : If we can’t break even, at least we can increase the visibility of our products.

A : 根據你的簡報,下個月行銷活動的費用需要50萬,你有做過成本效益評估嗎?

B : 這是一個大型博覽會,活動預估會有上百萬人次,產品若配合優惠價格,可以刺激買氣。

A : 但現在景氣這麼不好,消費者的購買意願可能不高。

B : 就算成本不能打平,也能快速有效地增加我們公司產品的能見度。