Wed, Feb 06, 2013 - Page 2

A : Mr. Chen. We’d like to order another 100,000 event flyers sent to our company.

B : It will take another two working days. You probably won’t receive them until after the Lunar New Year.

A : That’ll be too late. The event takes place during the Lunar New Year. How about if I pick them up myself?

B : OK. I’ll call you as soon as we’re done printing them.

A : 陳先生,我們想再追加十萬份活動宣傳單,請同樣寄到我們公司。

B : 這要多兩個工作天,你們可能要年後才能收到了。

A : 那會來不及!這次的行銷活動辦在春節期間,還是印好之後我直接過去取件?

B : 好吧,那印好之後我再打給你。