Bush saves boy after falling four stories from building 四歲男童墜樓 小樹「接住」救命

Wed, Feb 06, 2013 - Page 11

At 5:47pm on Jan. 31, a single mom working at a floral shop in New Taipei City suddenly heard a thud outside her shop. She was shocked to discover the sound came from her four-year-old son, who had fallen from their fourth story apartment and was bawling on the ground. She took him into her arms right away and sought help. Fortunately her son broke his fall when he fell on a tree beside the road. Witnesses exclaimed that the boy had been blessed and protected by the gods.

The incident occurred along Chongyang Road in Sanchong District. One neighbor, whose heart was still aflutter, said “I just opened the window for some fresh air and saw a woman across the street holding a child and wailing. I thought there was a car accident. I never would have guessed that it was because a boy fell from the building.”

The boy’s older sister says that at the time of the accident their mom was on the first floor while she and her brother were upstairs at home. Her stomach started hurting, so she went to the restroom for 10 minutes. It was unfathomable to her that her little brother would stack a small plastic chair on a bigger one and lean against the window in the living room, open it and accidentally fall out the window. “I didn’t know my little brother was so fiddle-footed,” she said with eyes still puffy after crying.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)