Sun, Feb 03, 2013 - Page 2

A : I received an e-mail from an international trading firm inviting me in for an interview, but I found a job, so I don’t want to go.

B : How’d they get your e-mail address?

A : I sent them my resume after I saw on their Web site that they had an opening.

B : The proper thing to do would be to let them know and politely tell them you won’t be coming in for the interview.

A : 我收到一間國際貿易公司面試通知信,但我已經找到工作了,不想去面試。

B : 他們怎麼得到你的e-mail的?

A : 之前我在網站看到他們開出的職缺,我投了履歷。

B : 禮貌上,你應該主動告知你的情況,並婉拒他們的面試邀請。