Sat, Feb 02, 2013 - Page 2

A : The government says it wants to create tangible economic growth.

B : Yeah, it’s tangible all right. Raising gas and electricity prices, but not salaries. It’s only making people suffer even more.

A : The government estimates a 3.8 percent GDP growth for this year.

B : We can’t subsist on slogans. We better just concentrate on working hard.

A : 面對景氣持續低迷,我們的政府說要拚「有感經濟」。

B : 真的很「有感」,油電雙漲、薪資凍漲,人民感覺更難過了。

A : 今年政府將GDP目標訂為3.8%。

B : 口號又不能當飯吃,我們還是努力工作比較實際。