Thieves take full driveway from Florida home 小偷偷走佛羅里達住宅的整條車道

Sat, Feb 02, 2013 - Page 10

Detectives have made an appeal for witnesses after a complete driveway was stolen from a house in Florida.

The alert was issued after the 28m2 entrance was taken from the home in Reddick, 130km northwest of Orlando.

According to the Ocala Star-Banner newspaper, a woman told sheriff’s deputy Michelle Wright that she left her house at about 7:30am.

When she returned home at 6pm she felt a large “bump” as she turned off the main road.

The paper said, “She got out of her vehicle and noticed that the concrete pavers used to make the driveway were missing.”

The area of Reddick consists of farms used for thoroughbred horses.

The newspaper added, “A witness told the deputy about seeing two men digging up the pavers,” but “said the activity didn’t seem suspicious because the victim had workers constructing a barn on the property.”

(Liberty Times)