Fri, Feb 01, 2013 - Page 2

A : Hello, Mr. Chen. Which day will you be available next week?

B : I’ll be in Kaohsiung Monday through Wednesday. What’s up?

A : I’d like to come to your office to discuss the marketing proposal for next month’s new books.

B : Let’s meet next Thursday afternoon. I’ll be into the office at noon that day.

A : 陳先生您好,請問您下週哪天有空呢?

B : 下週一到三我要到高雄出差,有什麼事嗎?

A : 我想到貴公司拜訪,與您討論下個月的新書行銷企劃。

B : 那我們約下週四下午好了,我那天中午會進公司。