Wed, Jan 30, 2013 - Page 2

A : The numbers for this quarter are looking awful.

B : It’s the slow economy. Investors are just waiting and watching instead of investing

A : I’m sorry. We’ve got a bad connection. Can you say that again?

B : This recession and the new tax laws that went into effect have made things a bit gloomier for the Taiwanese stock market.

A : 這一季到目前的營運數字,看來真的很糟。

B : 因為景氣持續低迷,投資人大多持觀望態度。

A : 不好意思,因為剛剛訊號不清楚。能否請您再重複一遍?

B : 因為景氣低迷,加上新稅法的實施,加劇台灣股市的悲觀氣氛。