Staff Reporter

Tue, Jan 29, 2013 - Page 2

A : I heard people working in the banking industry had the highest year-end bonuses this year, receiving as much as seven to 10 months of their salary.

B : That’s outrageous. We only get a two-month bonus. I’m so jealous.

A : Two months isn’t bad. My company only gives out red envelopes and gift certificates.

B : We all like it when the boss hands out cash. No matter how the economy’s doing.

A : 聽說今年銀行業年終領最多,最高大概有7到10個月。

B : 這麼高,好羨慕喔!我們只有兩個月。

A : 有兩個月已經很棒了!我們公司都只發紅包跟禮券。

B : 不管景氣好不好,員工還是最喜歡老闆直接發現金!