Mon, Jan 28, 2013 - Page 2

A : Would you ever hire someone more skilled than yourself to work under you?

B : Yes. In a working environment, we can all learn from each other and improve our skills. It’s is a win-win situation for the company.

A : But exceptional employees usually have a lot of their own ideas. Don’t you think it would be hard to lead them?

B : I’m not worried about that. I value communication and I’m a good listener.

A : 你敢用比你優秀的部屬嗎?

B : 會。因為職場上應該教學相長,提升彼此專業能力,創造公司雙贏。

A : 可是優秀的員工通常很有主見,也比較難領導。

B : 我不會擔心這個問題,我很注重溝通,也是個善於聆聽的主管。