Fri, Jan 25, 2013 - Page 2

A : Well, it’s just about that time. I should be going.

B : Why don’t you stay a little longer? It’s almost noon and the chairman would like to treat you to lunch.

A : I’m sorry. I have another sales visit this afternoon, so I really must be going. Please thank the chairman for his hospitality.

B : That’s OK. There’s always next time.

A : 時間差不多,我該告辭了。

B : 再多待一下吧,快中午了,董事長想請你吃飯。

A : 不好意思,因為下午還有業務拜訪行程,我得先離開。謝謝董事長的好意。

B : 沒關係,下次還有機會。