Sat, Jan 19, 2013 - Page 2

A : Recently you’ve been the first one at the office every single day. You’re not sleeping here, are you?

B : Of course not. I go home. It’s just that I only go home for a short while and then come right back to the office.

A : Why don’t you stay at home and get some good rest?

B : I’m in a hurry to finish this project. I have to give a formal proposal next week.

A : 你最近都是全辦公室最早到的。你該不會是睡在辦公室,沒有回家吧?

B : 我有回家啦。只是回去一下馬上又回來了。

A : 為什麼不在家好好睡覺休息?

B : 我在趕案子啊,下禮拜就要正式提案了。