Wed, Jan 16, 2013 - Page 2

A : Hi. Is this Chang Chieh-jui?

B : No, he’s not with the company any longer. May I ask who’s calling?

A : I was a client of his. Who’s in charge of sales for printing ads now?

B : That’d be me. My name’s Casey. I took over for him after he left the company.

A : 請問是張傑瑞嗎?

B : 傑瑞他已經離職了。請問您是哪位?

A : 我是他以前的客戶。請問你們公司現在負責廣告刊登業務的人是?

B : 是我,我叫凱西,他離職後,這件工作就交接給我。