78% of workers want to quit jobs 「薪」情最糟 百分之七十八上班族年後想跳槽

Tue, Jan 15, 2013 - Page 11

In a survey titled “Changing Jobs after the Lunar New Year” released last week by an online job bank, it was found that 78 percent of respondents would like to switch employers after the Lunar New Year, down from the previous two years, which exceeded 80 percent.

However, only 5.3 percent of those wishing to change jobs have already found a new employer. Huang Yu-ling, a spokesperson for yes123, the online job bank that conducted the survey, says that most people are taking the conservative route and simply keeping an eye out for a new job as most people think it would be difficult to find a new job when economy is down.

The survey found that the top reason for switching jobs was “not making enough money” and consequently scrapping to get by. The second most popular reason was feeling as though there was not enough room for growth, which was followed by lacking an opportunity for a promotion, having poor benefits and finally having an unbearable boss. It is worth mentioning that “not getting a year-end bonus” came in ninth, which means that “not making enough money to pay one’s living expenses along with working conditions and benefits” are the main things that people care about.

How much of an increase in salary would be enough to lure a person away from their current job? A monthly increase of anywhere from NT$3,000 to NT$6,000 is enough for 33 percent, while 21 percent said that less than NT$3,000 would be acceptable. Huang says that the overall cost of changing jobs is significant. If people are willing to switch employers for a salary increase of NT$3,000 or less, it amply reflects the fact that employees are dealing with worsening conditions in the workplace.

The industries that are the most appealing to potential job hoppers, in order from most popular to least popular, are the information technology (IT), manufacturing, the service industry, tourism and recreation, and pharmaceuticals and medical insurance sectors, but according to yes123 the five sectors with the greatest number of unfilled positions are the food and hospitality, education, construction and real estate, security and the insurance sectors. Office workers’ most coveted IT sector only comes in at seventh for the number of unfilled positions it has, showing that the equilibrium of supply and demand in the job market is out of kilter. Huang recommends that job seekers consider aiming for industries with the highest number of jobs to offer and the least amount of competition in order to land a job with relative ease.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)

求職網站上週公佈「年後轉職調查」結果,發現百分之七十八的受訪上班族過完年想跳槽,比前兩年都逾八成稍微降溫。 但僅百分之五點三已找到新東家,yes123發言人黃玉齡分析,應是不景氣,上班族擔心求職不易,觀望者居多,選擇走保守路線。