Mon, Jan 14, 2013 - Page 2

A : What would you do if those working under you were performing poorly?

B : I would talk to them individually, let them know I see how hard they’re working, and find out why they are performing poorly.

A : What would you value the most if you were hiring a new employee?

B : Their work ethic and ability to manage time efficiently.

A : 如果部屬的績效表現不佳,你會如何處理?

B : 我會單獨找他談,先表達認同他的努力跟付出,再針對績效不佳的部分,詢問原因。

A : 如果你有機會錄用新進人員,你所重視的條件有哪些?

B : 我重視的是對方的工作態度,以及時間觀念。