Thu, Jan 10, 2013 - Page 2

A : Why is the conference room empty? Aren’t we supposed to have a meeting at 3 o’clock?

B : The manager got the time wrong. He thought it was tomorrow, so he went to visit a client and won’t be in today.

A : So we’re having the meeting without him?

B : It’ll probably be canceled. Let me ask his secretary.

A : 不是說好三點要開會嗎?怎麼會議室都沒有人?

B : 因為經理記錯開會時間,他記成明天,他今天去拜訪客戶,不會進辦公室。

A : 所以呢,我們要自己開嗎?

B : 可能會取消喔,我先問一下他的秘書。