Sculptor Ju Ming’s new Citizen series on display 朱銘新作刻畫市民

Tue, Jan 08, 2013 - Page 11

Ju Ming, Taiwan’s most famous sculptor, has focused almost exclusively on humans as the main subject matter of his art over the years. Possessing a keen sense of perception, Ju shows the most extraordinary aspects of ordinary people in ways that leave you awe-struck by their vividness and moved by this overwhelming sense of peering directly in the mirror when viewing his works. Forming part of his Living World Series, Ju’s solo exhibit Citizen is a series of 80 human-scale wooden sculptures focusing on Taiwanese people and society in general. The exhibition portrays ordinary city dwellers from all walks of life in a grouped installation that expresses the diversity of humanity in sublime splendor.

The unpainted and rough-textured sculptures utilize the naturally warm and smooth colors of the fir tree to express how all life comes into this world completely naked and unadorned. Referring to the dignified, congenial-looking ancient Buddhist sculptures of yore, Ju brings out the equality, modesty and nobility of each individual city dweller in ways that bestow upon them a beaming radiance. Whether it be meant to portray a gentleman, a young person, a lady, a cellist, a married couple, lovers or friends, Ju’s sculptures show the bliss and brilliance of every person.

The exhibit will be on display at Kalos Gallery off of Dunhua S Rd in Taipei until Feb. 8.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)