Thu, Jan 03, 2013 - Page 2

A : Six people are giving presentations during today’s meeting, but since we only have an hour, please keep an eye on the time during your presentation.

B : How much time does each person get?

A : Eight minutes with a 10-minute discussion at the end.

B : OK. Let’s begin.

A : 今天的會議,有六個人要上台報告,但我們只有1個小時,請各位在報告的時候,注意一下時間。

B : 請問一個人要報告多久?

A : 每個人可以報告8分鐘,全部都報告完,最後再留10分鐘做綜合討論。

B : 了解。我們馬上開始吧!