UK man mistakenly gave cocaine to trick-or-treaters 英國男子誤把古柯鹼給了「不給糖就搗蛋」的小孩

Thu, Jan 03, 2013 - Page 11

Three primary-school-age children in one English city reaped more than the usual harvest of sweets and chocolates on Halloween when they emptied their trick-or-treat goody bags and found several bags of cocaine.

On Nov. 19, the man who had handed out his cocaine stash by mistake to the children instead of candy was given a community service sentence in court, the Press Association reported.

Apprentice panel-beater Donald Green fished in his pockets for a bag of chewy sweets to give to the youngsters at his door on Halloween, but instead pulled out a plastic pack containing eight bags of cocaine he had bought for 200 pounds (US$322) earlier that day.

He dropped the drugs into the goody bags carried by the three children, aged eight, six and five, who were out trick-or-treating escorted by their father, an off-duty policeman.

The 23-year-old defendant then closed the door, went back inside the house and put his hand in his pockets to get out his drugs, but instead pulled out the sweets.