Wed, Jan 02, 2013 - Page 2

A : Tom, can you come in to the office tomorrow? Something urgent has come up.

B : What’s wrong?

A : The project proposal was rejected and the boss wants us to come up with a new one within three days, so we need your help.

B : But I’m still on vacation. Can we just discuss it on Skype?

A : Tom,明天可以請你進辦公室一趟嗎?公司有急事。

B : 什麼事?

A : 上次那個企劃案沒過,老闆要我們三天內再弄一個新的,我們需要你的幫助。

B : 可是我還在休假耶。我們能用skype在線上討論嗎?