Sun, Dec 30, 2012 - Page 2

A : Where are you going to spend New Year’s Eve?

B : I don’t know. I’ll probably just stay at home. There will be tonnes of people out.

A : Some friends of ours are having a party. Why don’t you come along? You can see the Taipei 101 fireworks really well from their house.

B : Really? Sounds great. Count me in.

A : 明天去哪跨年?

B : 不知道耶,可能會待在家,外面人好多喔!

A : 我們幾個朋友要開PARTY,一起來吧。他家可以看到101的煙火,很清楚喔!

B : 真的嗎,太棒了,我要去!