Glass Art Street opens for Hsinchu City Int’l Glass Art Festival 新竹玻璃藝術街開幕

Sat, Dec 15, 2012 - Page 11

The Hsinchu City International Glass Art Festival’s Glass Art Street opened to the public for the first time on Sunday last week. The exhibition areas for the festival will be located at the Lakeside Pavilion next to the History of Glass Museum. There are 12 glass artists participating in this year’s event, which will last until March next year. Hsinchu Mayor Hsu Ming-tsai joined the artists for the street’s inauguration. Hsinchu city dwellers are invited to come and show their support for glass artwork, which will be available for purchase and could make excellent Christmas and New Year’s gifts.

The festival will last for 93 days, beginning on Dec. 22 and ending March 10 next year. With 12 glass artists on site, the opening of Glass Art Street is the first of many activities underway before the event actually kicks off next week. The Hsinchu City Government is encouraging talented local artists and glass companies to join forces in their cultural creativity endeavors. Of all the local glass artwork on display, 24 certified products have been selected to help increase the international popularity of glass art products coming out of Hsinchu.

Lin Jung-chou, director of the Hsinchu Bureau of Cultural Affairs, says that the three Japanese-style buildings located at Hsinchu Park’s Lakeside Pavilion will serve as display areas for the festival. Each of the 12 artists possesses their own unique style and incorporates various techniques to bring out the special characteristics of glass. The event will also include special exhibits for the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac as well as glass ornaments shaped like the sky lanterns that were on display when the Taiwan Pavilion opened in Hsinchu at the end of September. Every piece of art on display is both exquisite and functional at the same time.

The festival will run daily from 9am to 6pm. Each of the three display areas has a distinct flavor and global feel. Aside from glass artwork, the event will also include displays with useful everyday products for sale, as well as glass artists giving demonstrations and glass art lessons. There will be special discounts for glass art products during weekends and holidays. Everyone is invited to bring the family and enjoy the fun.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)