Stroke causes truck driver to have four accidents in seven hours 不知中風還開車 七小時四次車禍

Tue, Dec 11, 2012 - Page 11

A ruptured blood vessel preceded by a sharp rise in blood pressure is what apparently caused a 50-year-old truck driver to have four car accidents in seven hours. The driver ignored his symptoms and continued driving his truck after the first three accidents. It was not until after the fourth accident, when police finally took him in to write a police report, that he had a stroke and was sent to the hospital. At the hospital doctors found a blood clot, which they removed during an emergency operation. His left limbs were left paralyzed after the surgery — an aftereffect of the stroke.

The hypertensive truck driver was making a delivery early one morning in the middle of October when the first accident occurred. After the police report had been completed, he ran into another vehicle sometime after noon, and then had two more accidents an hour apart, amounting to four accidents in seven hours. Fortunately only the vehicles were damaged and no one was injured in any of the accidents.

The driver told police that the accidents had occurred because he was not feeling well. After the fourth accident, they took him to the police station to write up a police report. At the station, he suddenly started seizing and fell down, so they rushed him to Taichung Hospital, where they discovered that although he was bleeding internally in the brain, he was still clearheaded and lucid. A 4.5x3cm blood clot was found in the temple area of his head. They eventually stopped the bleeding and removed the clot during an emergency surgery and were able to save his life.

The truck driver’s left limbs were left paralyzed after the stroke. No longer able to work, he had to sell his home to pay his medical bills. He is currently in rehabilitation and his wife had to move away to work, while friends and relatives are taking care of their daughter. He regrets not being able to recognize his symptoms sooner and seek medical help.

Chung Wei-hua, head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Taichung Hospital, says that the patient showed no signs of trauma, cerebral contusions nor bleeding, so he suspected that the patient had a hemorrhagic stroke caused by hypertension. As the amount of hemorrhaging increased and the patient did not seek medical attention, the blood clot eventually began pressing on his nerves, which caused the stroke that finally made the police send him to the hospital.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)