CCTV shows neighbor had Taoist symbol hanging over mom’s picture 監視器照鄰家 驚見八卦壓母照

Mon, Nov 12, 2012 - Page 11

Two women living in Greater Taichung, surnamed Chang and Lai, were constantly arguing about the direction their surveillance cameras were facing. Using footage from her camera, Lai discovered that a two-inch photo of her mother was hanging below a bagua (eight trigrams) symbol in Chang’s house. Lai decided to break into Chang’s house because she felt that the symbol hanging over her mom’s picture would bring harm and misfortune to her. Chang was able to keep her from entering the house, but allegedly pulled and hurt Lai’s shoulders and neck in the process. Lai has filed a lawsuit against Chang with the Taichung District Prosecutors Office for offenses assault.

The indictment says that Chang and Lai live across the street from each other along Dachuan Street in Greater Taichung’s West District, and that Chang said Lai’s surveillance camera was pointed directly at her house. This made Lai feel unsafe, as though she were constantly being watched, so she decided to point her own surveillance camera at Lai’s residence.

On Dec. 24 last year, from footage recorded using her camera, Lai discovered that Chang had a two-inch photo hanging on a wall in her living room below a bagua symbol. After a closer look, Lai discovered that it was a photo of her mother, so she rushed over to Chang’s house to have it out with her, but when she tried to get inside Chang’s house to take down the photo, Chang stopped her from entering and the two of them got into an altercation.

The police were called and two officers rushed to the scene. Lai was shouting that Chang had a picture of her mother hanging below a bagua symbol, which would put a curse on her mother, could cause her harm or bring misfortune. When the two of them were arguing, Lai’s elderly mother also came over to Chang’s house, falling to her knees and begging Chang not to hurt her. Lai lost control and tried once again to get into Chang’s house, but Chang physically held her back, allegedly pulling her so forcefully that she hurt Lai’s neck and shoulders. The police were finally able to bring a temporary accord to the dispute.

Lai insists she will not drop the charges against Chang, while Chang says she was merely keeping Lai from entering her home and did not hurt her intentionally. Based on surveillance footage and the medical report, prosecutors are saying that the charges will not be dropped.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)