Boss gives employees US$7,500 for vacations 員工度假 老闆買單

Thu, Nov 08, 2012 - Page 10

Bart Lorang may be the best boss ever.

The CEO of Denver-based Internet start-up FullContact API said in a market that is competitive for top talent, he wants to keep his employees happy and refreshed.

The flip-flop wearing founder offers his employees US$7,500 (NT$220,000) for what he calls “paid, paid vacation,” however there are rules.

“One, you actually have to take a vacation to get the money,” Lorang said. “Two, you have to disconnect from work, so that means no calls, no e-mails, no tweets, no work of any kind.”

Even Lorang admitted he has trouble following his rules.

“I suck at it,” he said.

A picture of the CEO and his fiancee Sarah at Egypt’s great pyramids captured Lorang checking his e-mail.

Not surprisingly, employees said they loved having the company pick up the tab for their vacations.

“It’s a real break for your brain,” said Robbie Jack, a FullContact API employee. “You come back refreshed and reinvigorated and more excited about the stuff you were working on when you left.”

(Liberty Times)


總部位於丹佛的網路初創公司FullContact API的這位執行長說,在這個市場上,頂尖人才是大家競相爭奪的目標,他希望他的員工能保持開心和精神振作。