Sat, Oct 27, 2012 - Page 2

A : I heard that Taiwanese university graduates are going to work in Australia and getting salaries as high as NT$100,000 a month.

B : I’ve also seen Singaporean hotels hiring maids with salaries starting at NT$40,000.

A : It would be impossible to get such a high salary at a hotel in Taiwan.

B : Yeah, the job market in Taiwan is terrible. No wonder more young people are going abroad to work.

A : 聽說有台灣大學生畢業後到澳洲找工作,月薪可以高達10萬元!

B : 我還看過新加坡飯店到台灣徵求房務員,月薪4萬元起跳。

A : 這麼高的薪水,這在台灣的飯店根本不可能吧。

B : 沒錯,台灣就業環境太差,難怪愈來愈多年輕人寧願到國外賺錢。