Fri, Oct 26, 2012 - Page 2

A : I’d like you to teach an employee training class at the customer service center one day next week.

B : OK. What topic would you like me to discuss?

A : Teach them how to use the new online voice messaging system. Do you know how to get there? How will you go?

B : Yes. I’ll probably take my scooter.

A : 我希望你下禮拜抽一天到客服中心,幫同事上課。

B : 好啊,請問要講什麼主題?

A : 我想請你教他們使用新的線上留言系統。你知道路線嗎?你打算怎麼去?

B : 我知道,我應該會騎機車過去。