Thu, Oct 25, 2012 - Page 2

A : We sent out the online questionnaire twice this time. We received 5,361 hits and 2,370 completed questionnaires.

B : Sounds like a 45 percent return rate.

A : Yeah. I think it’s because people found the overall thematic design intriguing. It was topical and resonated well with respondents.

A : 這次網路問卷共寄發兩次,點擊數累計有5,361次,問卷回收數共2,370份。

B : 聽起來,問卷回收率接近45%。

A : 對,我覺得主要是因為這次問卷的主題設定很有趣、貼近時事,能夠引起會員共鳴。