Sun, Oct 21, 2012 - Page 2

A : It’s almost the end of the month again and my bank account is nearly empty.

B : No way. That’s unbelievable.

A : After making my monthly car payments, credit card bills and paying for gas, there’s pretty much nothing left to spend.

B : Me too, so I force myself not to spend more than NT$200 every day.

A : 又快月底,存摺又見底了!

B : 不會吧,有這麼誇張嗎?

A : 每個月薪水扣掉車貸、信用卡費、油錢…,根本沒剩多少可以花用。

B : 我也是,為了省錢我還規定自己每天不能花超過兩百元!