Fri, Oct 19, 2012 - Page 2

A : I received an e-mail from Ms Chao this morning saying she is going to Japan next month to continue her studies, so she will not be able to write the financial column for us anymore.

B : Wow, so suddenly? Do we have anyone to replace her?

A : Yes. I’ve already found an expert industry analyst to take her place.

B : Great. Please give me his number so I can call him to set up a time to see him.

A : 我早上收到趙小姐的e-mail,她說下個月要去日本進修,所以沒辦法再幫我們寫財經專欄。

B : 好突然啊。我們有備案的人選嗎?

A : 有,我另外找了一位產業分析專家。

B : 很好,請給我他的電話,我想打給他,約時間去拜訪他。