Free pizza promised for Obama-Romney debate question 提問歐巴馬、羅姆尼比薩口味 一生比薩免費吃

Tue, Oct 16, 2012 - Page 10

Pizza Hut is promising “free pizza for life” to whoever dares to ask Barack Obama and Mitt Romney the most burning question of the day: sausage or pepperoni?

The fast food chain is angling to get some publicity out of a town hall debate today between the Democratic president and his Republican challenger at a liberal arts college outside New York.

In a statement, Pizza Hut offered “free pizza for life” — or more to the point, one large pizza a week for 30 years — to whoever pops the question.

“We recognize there are a lot of serious issues to be debated,” said Pizza Hut’s chief management officer Kurt Kane.

“But we also know a lot less serious — but no less important — ones are being discussed every night inside houses across the country.”

To ask “on behalf of the Pizza Party” what their favorite pizza topping is would demonstrate how much each man is “in tune on all the issues.”

Free pizza is among several PR stunts planned in the run-up to the Nov. 6 elections, the USA Today newspaper reported.

Others include free JetBlue flights out of the US for voters whose preferred candidate loses the election, and an eBay auction of Obama and Romney effigies organized by the makers of Cabbage Patch dolls.