Mon, Oct 15, 2012 - Page 2

A : Mr Chang, I was wondering what is the biggest problem your company faces?

B : We are always looking for ways to improve our brand image. Your experience with running a social networking site could help us solve that problem.

A : OK. If I start the job tomorrow, what would be the most urgent for me to start on?

B : We would probably have you write up a business plan first.

A : 張先生,我很好奇貴公司目前面臨的最大問題是什麼?

B : 我們一直希望能提升公司的品牌好感度,而你過去經營網路社群的經驗,剛好有助於解決這個問題。

A : 了解。如果我明天就開始上班,哪些事情最緊迫,需要優先處理呢?

B : 我們大概會請你先寫一份營運企劃書吧。