Mon, Oct 08, 2012 - Page 2

A : What personality traits make you qualified for a sales position?

B : I’m pro-active and good at talking. I can speak in front of people with enthusiasm and assurance regardless of the topic.

A : How would you handle a conflict with a customer?

B : First I would look at the problem from the customer’s perspective and then lay out the pros and cons of the situation for them.

A : 你覺得你有什麼特質可以勝任業務工作?

B : 我很主動、很健談,不論什麼話題在人前都可以侃侃而談。

A : 如果跟客戶發生衝突了,你會怎麼做?

B : 我會先站在客戶的角度重新思考這件事,並分析好壞兩種結果給對方聽。