Fri, Oct 05, 2012 - Page 2

A : We are meeting with Yerbia tomorrow to go over the joint project, so let’s have lunch with them while we’re at it. Any ideas?

B : We could go to that place across the street. The decor is nice and the food is good.

A : I think it might be a little too noisy there.

B : How about a cafe then? It wouldn’t be so noisy,

A : 明天要跟Y公司的人談合作案,順便請他們吃飯,該約在哪比較好?

B : 可以去對街那間餐廳啊,那裡的裝潢、菜色很不錯。

A : 可是我怕太吵。

B : 那就選咖啡廳吧,那裡比較安靜。