Exhibition underway at Kishu An to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan 紀州庵攝影圖文展 「我的母土‧風情萬種」

Thu, Oct 04, 2012 - Page 11

In the hopes of encouraging people to read and write in their native tongues, the New Taiwanese Cultural Foundation has compiled a book titled This Is Our Land: Essays in Local Dialects. The book is a compilation of works written in Mandarin Chinese, Hoklo, Hakka, and Aboriginal languages — transliterated into Chinese characters and phonetic symbols — by 50 writers, namely Wu Sheng, Liu Ke-shiang, A-sheng, Jiao Tung, Wang Chao-hua, A-hi, Huang Jin-lian, Hu Ming-hua, Fan Wen-fang, Chiang Yun, Chiang Feng-chu, Walis Nokan, Syman Raponga, Liglave A-wu, Sun Ta-chuan, and others. They have used various dialects to express their profound love and passion for this land of Taiwan.

In addition to the essays, the foundation has organized a photography competition and exhibition called “Majestic Vistas of My Homeland,” to appreciate literary writings about Taiwan — its land and its people — and enjoy photographs inspired by the writings. The exhibition is underway at Taipei’s Kishu An Forest of Literature and will run until Oct. 23.

(Liberty Times, translated by Lin Ya-ti)