Wed, Aug 29, 2012 - Page 2

A : An e-mail came from Aluxia, again asking if they could serve as our agent.

B : As I recall, we already rejected them once.

A : Sir, you may have forgotten, but you never replied to them last time.

B : Really? OK. Please e-mail them to say we can’t agree because the time isn’t right.

A : A公司又來信,請求獨家代理我們公司產品。

B : 我記得之前已經拒絕過對方一次了。

A : 經理,恐怕是您忘記了,您沒有回信。

B : 是嗎?好,請回信告訴對方,目前時機尚未成熟而不能答應。