Thu, Jul 12, 2012 - Page 2

A : Does anyone know which is better? Search engine optimization or pay per click?

B : If you’re looking for tons of traffic in a short period, it’s better to buy pay per click.

A : Seems like we’ll need to look at the company’s budget and marketing goals again.

B : Yeah, and if the budget is big enough we should use both.

A : 有誰知道,引擎優化與關鍵字廣告哪一個比較好?

B : 如果要短期大量的曝光,就買關鍵字廣告。

A : 看來還是得看公司的預算和行銷目的決定。

B : 沒錯,而如果預算足夠的話,應該是兩者都要兼顧。