Do bald men face higher risk of prostate cancer? 禿頭男子 攝護腺癌風險較高?

Wed, Jul 04, 2012 - Page 10

Got hair? If you do not, you might have a higher risk of prostate cancer, a preliminary study suggests. Researchers are reporting that bald men who underwent biopsies of the prostate were more likely to have cancer than were those with more hair on their heads.

“Bald men should be aware that they may benefit from being screened earlier and perhaps, if necessary, from being biopsied sooner,” said study author Dr. Neil Fleshner, a professor of surgical urology at the University of Toronto. In the study, the more bald people were, the more likely they were to have prostate cancer. We’re 95 percent sure this is real.”

However, not all doctors are ready to embrace the study’s conclusions. The possible association between male pattern baldness and prostate cancer has been considered in previous studies.

Although the precise mechanism is not understood, researchers think male hormones known as androgens may play a role in both baldness and prostate cancer.

(Liberty Times)