Hsinchu County needs a million recycled plastic bottles for Lantern Festival 台灣燈會 募集百萬瓶回收牛奶罐

Wed, Jul 04, 2012 - Page 11

Hsinchu County Commissioner Chiu Ching-chun held a press conference last Wednesday officially announcing that Arthur Huang, the founder and managing director of Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development Ltd and the architect of the Taipei International Flora Expo’s main exhibition hall —the POLLI-Brick EcoARK, has joined the project team for next year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival. With plans to collect a million recycled plastic bottles, Huang will be representing the festival’s low-carbon, green energy theme by using a similar concept as the one used for the EcoARK.

Huang says that for the city’s lantern festival he will only use recycled number two plastics (polyethylene) and number five plastics (polypropylene), which are used as yogurt, yogurt drinks, juice, and milk containers.

He says that each container can produce 60g of polypropylene. Every 15 containers recycled can make a reusable pot for plants, while 360,000 of them can make a wall 1km long and 2m high capable of holding plants. The plastic bottles can also be used to make installation art with lights, or they could even be used to make souvenirs. At the press conference, Huang showed several of his company’s products that were made using recycled items.

Chiu says that low-carbon green energy is his main priority in serving office, adding that it is also an important part of the 2013 Lantern Festival. He hopes that everyone will work together to help recycle plastic bottles for the festivities.

The county government is calling on local residents and people from throughout the nation to give them their empty number two and five plastic bottles now until the end of December, and that they hope to eventually collect at least a million bottles.

Aside from the county government’s Environmental Protection Bureau and all of its district offices, local schools and community centers will also be accepting recycled bottles.

If you give 10 plastic milk, soymilk, rice milk, juice, or yogurt bottles that have been cleaned, you will receive one package of free toilet paper. For 20 bottles, you can receive a bar of soap, and a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste if you donate 60 bottles.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)