Sun, Jun 10, 2012 - Page 2

A : I applied for a reimbursement this month with your company. It was originally supposed to be remitted on the 9th, but today’s the 10th and I still haven’t received it.

B : I’ll look it up for you. I don’t see any reimbursement notification for you here.

A : But you sent me an e-mail saying the reimbursement application went through.

B : Let me check with the accountant.

A : 我這個月向貴公司請款,原本是九號會匯入戶頭,但現在已經十號,錢還沒匯進來。

B : 我幫您查一下。可是我這邊沒有看到請款通知喔。

A : 可是你們曾寄e-mail告知我請款成功了。

B : 我再幫您跟會計確認一下。