Song, Song, Song Children’s and Puppet Theatre performing Shakespeare’s The Tempest 九歌兒童劇演莎士比亞《暴風雨》

Mon, May 07, 2012 - Page 14

In continuing the “2010-2012 Taiwan and Croatia Art Exchange: A Trilogy” project and in celebration of its 25th anniversary, Song, Song, Song Children’s and Puppet Theatre has teamed up with Ivica Simic, founder and artistic director of Croatia’s Theatre Mala Scena, to put on a production of Shakepeare’s The Tempest.

The Tempest will be taking the stage in Greater Kaohsiung, Greater Taichung, Keelung, Yilan County, and Miaoli County. Chu Shu-ming, artistic director of Song, Song, Song, says it is an opportunity for adults and children to see one of Shakespeare’s most brilliant plays without having to shell out money for a plane ticket to fly all the way to England. The Song, Song, Song production can serve as a wonderful introduction to a great Shakespeare play.

Simic, the production’s director, says that adults and children are both a part of this world, and that The Tempest is a story that tells children the truth about the world. He says, “Actually the world has both beauty and ugliness, and there are a lot of difficult problems in the world that one must learn how to solve, but love and honesty should not be forgotten because they will always defeat lies and betrayal.”

The greatest innovation in Song, Song, Song’s production of The Tempest is how the spatial and temporal location of the plot have shifted from the West to the East, and Taiwanese Aboriginal clothing is also fused into the piece. The five bluish -green seeds placed on the stage symbolizing hope create a fantastical island ambiance, along with the physical movements and dancing of the actors, it all makes for an invigorating storm scene indeed. The Tempest will be performed twice in Greater Kaohsiung on May 19, once in Miaoli County on May 26, in Keelung on June 2, in Yilan County on June 10, and twice in Hsinchu on June 16. Tickets are available through NTCH ticketing.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)

延續二0一0-二0一二年「台克藝術交流三部曲」計劃,且慶賀九歌兒童劇團創團二十五週年,九歌兒童劇團與東歐克羅埃西亞Mala Scena劇團團長依維察‧西米奇合作的《暴風雨》,本月巡演高雄、台中、基隆、宜蘭、苗栗等地。團長朱曙明表示,想欣賞莎士比亞筆下精彩故事的大小朋友,不用買機票飛去英國,九歌《暴風雨》可以是大家接觸莎士比亞戲劇的入門好戲。