Fri, Apr 20, 2012 - Page 2

A : Your stuff looks good, but what about quality?

B : Don’t worry. All of our products have to pass strict inspections prior to officially leaving the factory overseas and before delivering them to our customers.

A : What about technical support?

B : Yes, we provide installation of the equipment, training, as well as repairs, all by a trained engineer.

A : 你們的東西看起來很不錯,但是品質呢?

B : 您放心,我們的所有產品在國外正式出廠前,都會通過嚴格的測試後,才會交給客戶。

A : 那後續的技術支援呢?

B : 有的,包括裝機、教育訓練和維修,都由受過完整訓練的工程師執行。