Fri, Dec 30, 2011 - Page 2

A : Sotomoto just called to say they urgently need to break off our cooperation [agreement] and that it will end next month.

B : Why?

A : They didn’t say, but I heard that they have given all their services to another company.

B : OK. I’ll go over to their company immediately to see what’s going on.

A : S公司剛來電說,跟我們的合作案要緊急喊卡,只到下個月結束。

B : 為什麼?

A : 對方沒有說清楚。但是我打聽到,他們把所有服務都轉到另一家新廠商。

B : 好,我馬上到他們公司了解原因。