Wed, Dec 21, 2011 - Page 2

A : Matt, I don’t understand the e-mail you just sent me.

B : I was just trying to tell you that I’d like to borrow someone from your department to come help us because we’re short of people right now, and just started working on this huge project.

A : But we’re also short-handed right now in our own department. I’ll need some time before I can give you an answer.

A : Matt,我看不懂你剛寄來的e-mail內容?

B : 我的意思是,因為我們最近有一個大的專案要開始,人手不夠,想跟你們借調一位同事過來支援。

A : 可是我們部門人力也很吃緊,我無法馬上答應你。