Japanese TV crew covers “twin well” in Taiwan 日電視台採訪新竹寶山雙胞胎井

Thu, Jul 14, 2011 - Page 15

Legend has it that drinking water from a well in Hsinchu County’s Baoshan Township increases a person’s chances of giving birth to twins. Hence dubbed the “twin well,” the legendary well has attracted the interest of the Japanese television network TV Asahi. In order to prove the veracity of the legend for the network crew sent to Taiwan to cover the story, the Baoshan Township Office invited 38 pairs of twins to appear on the program.

Township chief Fan Yu-yen said the well was filled up eight years ago because of a road-widening project. However, local residents rushed to have it dug up again and rebuilt. While rebuilding it, a pair of cute stone figurines representing twins and a large traditional Chinese screen wall used for feng shui were both placed in front of the well. When it began being used again two years ago, 10 pairs of twins were invited to take part in a celebration.

Huang Chien-hsun, a gynecologist at Jhudong Veterans Hospital, said that giving birth to twins is mainly a matter of genetics, and that it is highly improbable that drinking water from the well would result in having twins. A more detailed demographic survey still needs to be done to see whether the rate of twin births in Baoshan Township is actually higher than in other areas in Taiwan.

Fan said she was shocked to receive a phone call from someone in Japan saying they wanted to do a story on this well, and had no idea people in Japan had ever heard of the “twin well” in Baoshan Township. Since seeing is believing, Fan decided to invite dozens of twins born in Baoshan to be interviewed by TV Asahi’s crew. The oldest pair of twins invited is already over 60 years old, while the youngest is only two months old.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Taijing Wu)