Thu, Jun 23, 2011 - Page 2

A : We might have to temporarily stop serving “unadon” and take it off the menu.

B : Why? It’s always been our restaurant’s specialty. So many customers order that when they eat here.

A : The price of eel is already more than NT$900 a kilo. The cost is way too high. We have to make adjustments to our menu.

B : OK. But we’ll have to explain to our customers that when the price is reasonable, we’ll start serving “unadon” again.

A : 我們可能要暫停賣菜單上的「鰻魚飯」這道料理。

B : 為什麼?這一向是我們店裡的招牌,許多客人用餐都會點。

A : 鰻魚價格每公斤已經超過九百元,成本太高。我們得調整菜單。?

B : 好吧,但要向客人解釋,等價錢恢復,我們便會再度推出。